KMEA Members Site

Why create an account?
KMEA has several functions which require membership in NAfME-KMEA. Although you may have a membership in NAfME, you must create an account here in order to login and use the processes hosted by KMEA. Your login on the NAfME site, although based on the same ID number, is a different login on a different system. We use your existing NAfME record as the basis for your account in this site and district-level honor group registration.

[This account will not log you in to the All-State Manager. A separate username/login is used for that system. We expect 2017-18 to be the last year that the All-State Manager will be used in its current location, and then its functions will be moved to this site for 2018-19.]

What about my KMEA District?
For KMEA districts which require membership for their programs, such as district honor groups, we will eventually move those functions to this site. Directions & links will be posted on the district websites and their related Systems sites (last year's registration).

[For 2017-18, we will use the Systems site for one final cycle of district honor ensemble registrations, and then those functions will be moved to this site for 2018-19.]

Ok, got it. Take me back.